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        HOW TO: LIST / STATE / IDENTIFY / SUGGEST                 



These types of questions usually carry low marks. They are just testing your ability to recall knowledge and demonstrate understanding.  



How to answer:


Keep your answers short so you can move on quickly to more challenging questions that carry more marks.

Bullet point them and move on.



Do not write a paragraph as you will be wasting time. You will need every minute of the exam, especially towards the end which is where the higher marked questions will be. 




Example 1: State two functions of the liver (Biology)


 (1) Production of bile (2) Store and release glucose as needed




Example 2: List two features of a sole trader (Business Studies)


 (1) Unlimited liability (2) The owner gets to keep all the profits












 How to list/state/identify/suggest

  (new spec 2018 examples included)


Subject-specific examples


AQA GCSE Chemistry - Specimen question paper 1H (First exams 2018)


Question: Use the spectra to identify the two metal ions in the mixture (2m)


  • calcium ions

  • sodium ions





AQA GCSE Geography - Specimen question Paper 2  (FIrst exams 2018)


Question: Suggest two reasons for the slow rate of urban growth in many higher income countries (HICs) (2m)


  • In many HICs, the process started earlier than LICs and NEEs so the vast majority of people moved to the cities when the industry was developing

  • Many cities are already overcrowded in HICs so some people are tending to move to rural areas







AQA GCSE Business Studies - Specimen question paper 1 (First exams 2018)


Question: Identify two methods of external growth that a business could choose (2m)


  • Takeover

  • Merger






AQA GCSE Physics - Specimen question paper (First exams 2018)


Question: The National Grid ensures that fossil fuel power stations in the UK only produce about 33% of the total electricity they could produce when operating at a maximum output. Suggest two reasons why (2m)


  • conserves fuel reserves

  • spare capacity to compensate for unreliable renewable resources







AQA GCSE Chemistry - Specimen question paper 1H (First exams 2018)


Question: Suggest one improvement that could be made to the apparatus used that would give more accurate results. Give a reason for your answer (1m)


  • Use a pipette/burette to measure the acid because it is more accurate volume than a measuring cylinder.








AQA GCSE Biology  - Specimen paper 1H (First exams 2018)


Question: Scientists produced a single plant that contained a TMV-resistant gene. Suggest how scientists can use this plant to produce many plants with the TMV-resistant gene (1m)


  • Take (stem) cells from the meristem




AQA GCSE Economics   - Specimen paper 1H (First exams 2019)


Question: State two sectors of the economy (2m)


  • Primary

  • Secondary




GCSE Design and Technology  - Specimen question paper Paper 1 (First exams 2019)


Question: State two reasons why corrugated cardboard is used as packaging for cooked pizzas (2m)


  • Strength to weight ratio so that it can be easily carried but supports the weight of the pizza

  • Low cost in comparison to other packaging materials which makes it cost effective for retailers




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