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Revision videos

These model answer revision videos explain how to address exam questions in different subjects. They mostly focus on questions that have higher marks for being able to explain/analyse/evaluate.   They can be used in the classroom by teachers, at home by students and even in departments as part of CPD. 


It is also worth noting that the main purpose of these videos is to focus on structure. For any issues regarding content/depth, teachers (who are the subject experts) can clarify this with their students.  This section will be updated over time and I will include as many exam boards as I can as sometimes they can differ from what they look for.  For example, Business Studies Edexcel/AQA have different approaches as to how to structure an answer for some questions.



I strongly advise different departments in the school to collaborate together in terms of teaching students how to write in their subjects. For example, Biology, Chemistry and Physics teachers could take the same approach so that the students receive consistency when it comes to developing those crucial literacy skills that will help improve their grades. The same applies to other areas of the school where, for example, History and Geography can work together as well as Business Studies and Economics. 

 AQA GCSE Biology  - Specimen Paper 2H  

Question: Explain how the carbon is recycled into the growth of new leaves (6m)


 AQA GCSE Physics - Specimen paper Paper 1H

Question: Explain what led to the plum pudding model of the atom being replaced by the nuclear model of the atom (6m)


 AQA GCSE Chemistry  - Specimen Paper 2H

Question: Explain, in terms of particles, how and why the rate of reaction changes during the reaction of calcium carbonate with hydrochloric acid (4m)


AQA GCSE History



 America: 1920-1973


Question: Which of the following was the more important reason why there were more opportunities in America during the 1920s?


Economic growth or Social changes (12m)




AQA GCSE History



Germany 1890-1945


Question: The war at sea was the main reason for Germany’s defeat in the First World War. How far do you agree with this statement? Explain your answer





AQA GCSE Geography



 Challenges in the Human Environment


Question: Evaluate the effectiveness of an urban transport system you have studied (9m)




AQA GCSE Geography



 Challenges in the Human Environment


Question: ‘Transnational corporations (TNCs) only bring advantages to the host country.’ Do you agree with this statement? (9m)




AQA GCSE Business Studies

Spec paper 2 - Bambino Parties


Question: Sonia wants to have a website designed to promote her business, this will cost 4,800. She is considering the following options:


A bank loan to be repaid over 2 years

Take on her friend as a partner


Recommend which option Sonia should take (9m)




AQA GCSE Business Studies

Spec paper 1



Explain one objective which a business may set (2m)


Explain why Apple would choose to spend millions of dollars to promote the Apple watch (4m)


Explain two benefits of developing new products for a business (4m)



AQA GCSE Business Studies

June 2017 - Charlie`s Art


Question: Charlie wants to research how he can sell more paintings and how much he should charge for them. Advise him on the best way to carry out this research.


Give reasons for your advice.




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